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7 Figures
פוסטר סופי.jpg
"7 Figures"
A Dramatic Comedy Series - 8 episodes x 40 min. Hebrew
Director: Nir Bergman - Screenwriter: Noya Oren
Movie Plus Productions
Broadcast – KAN IPB


Creator and screenwriter- Noya Oren

Director: Nir Bergman

Producer: David Mandil
Supervising producer: Michal Graidi, Lee Shira, Or-li Ben Susan
line producer: Kenan Eldar 
Cinematographer: Shai Goldman
Editor: Ido Mochrik, Amir Winkler, Nili Feller



Shlomo Bar Aba
Leora Rivlin

Ofer Hayoun
Shani Klein

Elisha Banai

Roni Daloomi

Sharon Stribman



Winning the lottery is the ultimate dream come true. Everybody fantasizes about winning the big prize and living life without a worry in the world. The problem is that there is the fantasy, and then there is reality, and “nary the twain shall meet.” Actually, most lottery winners lose all their money within just a few years of when they first won it. Some of them become addicts – to gambling or drugs. Some get tangled up in the gray market, while some get into all sorts of fights with their families. The actual winners talk about a radical shift in their lives – one that is too much for them to handle. They say they would rather go back to the way things were, before they won all that money.


The Series

There’s a new law that requires all big winners to attend a group workshop to prepare them for their new lives as millionaires. The winners will receive the money only upon completion of the workshop.


The series begins with the start of the first workshop for lottery winners. It brings together total strangers, all of whom won millions. Though none of them have received a single shekel in their bank account – at least not yet – their lives have already been turned around.

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