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Drama, 8 x 45 min
Created by Meni Yaish
Movie Plus Productions

Broadcast HOT

Avi, a young man from a crime-ridden neighborhood, wakes up to another day of gang wars with the rival gang from Jaffa. The was between the Arabs of Jaffa and the Jews from Bat-Yam has been raging for a long time now.
The final battle forces Avi to mediate with one of Jaffa’s most violent crime families. The mediation results in Avi being banned from entering Jaffa for an entire year. That ban leads him to a decision: He will enlist in the military unit responsible for maintaining order within Israel. He imagines himself returning to Jaffa, as an Israeli Border Patrol soldier, armed and backed by the military’s authority.
He soon discovers he is an excellent soldier and officer, and earns his commander’s respect. He even falls in love with a female officer. However, the urge for revenge and his hot-tempered nature keeps pulling him back and reminding him that he will never change


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