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Corduroy Poster English - with logos.jpg

Drama, 8 x 35 min
Created by Hadas Ben Aroya
Movie Plus Productions

Broadcast – HOT



Director and screenwriter- Hadas Ben Aroya

Producer: David Mandil
Supervising producer: Michal Graidi, Lee Shira, Or-li Ben Susan
line producer: Avi Tov 
Cinematographer: Meidan Arama
Editor: Or Lee-Tal



Dar Zuzovsky

Nibar Madar

Eric Berman


The Series Corduroy presents, the new voice of the millennials. Corduroy challenges traditional tropes and explores love through a different lens.

The series depicts how the MeToo movement has created a new generation of relationships; telling an anti-love story between the unrestrained Tel-Avivian Danielle and Ido, a married& a new father.

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