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One in a Million
 A documentary Series:

24 episodes x 30 min Hebrew
Created by – Nesli Barda

Movie Plus Prodcutions

Broadcast – Keshet


What happens to people who experience a miracle – a great big miracle that shakes up their lives? 

One in a Million tells the unbelievable stories of those fortunate few. Some of them were rescued from the brink of disaster. Others experienced a series of coincidences that can only be called providential. In each case, something so incredible and rare happened to them that logic, science, and the best minds in the world all struggle to explain it.

In each episode, the protagonist returns to the scene of the event that changed his or her life and recreates all the high drama, minute by minute. Th experience raises all sorts of intriguing questions, which each protagonist must face: Why did it happen to them of all people? Did they in any way have a hand in making the “impossible” happen? And how did their experience transform their lives, their beliefs, their view of the world, and the way they live today?

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