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The Dealers
The Dealers (1).jpg

Year: 2012


Director: Oded Davidoff
Screenwriters: Sagi Azulay, Rami Davidoff
Producer: David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Executive producer: Michal Graidi, Lee Shira
Cinematographer: Yaron Scharf
Editor: Isaac Sehayek


Alon Aboutboul
Moshe Ashkenazi
Rami Davidoff
Yuval Scharf
Itay Turgeman


The seedy suburbs of Jerusalem are the backdrop of this gritty comedy, in which two young lowlifes- Avishai, a local pizza boy with a susceptible streak and his buddy Rami, a lifelong loafer-- become entangled with a neighborhood gangster with a fondness for severed fingers and an irascible soccer coach. Their lives, and those of their friends and neighbors, revolve around two holy grails: cheap weed and the local equivalent of little league soccer. For the neighborhood's young layabouts, there seems to be nothing loftier to strive for. But as the two friends practice for an upcoming tournament - driven by their coach Tzvika, a former soccer star hell-bent on redeeming himself on his home turf, Rami and Avishay unwittingly cross paths with Sagi, a retired criminal who wants only to tend his garden and stay out of prison. The two young dealers find themselves at odds with the neighborhood’s older generation, who view the youngsters' lack of values as a sure sign of social decay. As the tournament approaches, Rami and Avishay find themselves drawn into a battle of class, cultures, and passions and for once in their lives will have to see beyond their own petty predicaments if they want to save their lives, or their fingers.
The film is set in a suburb of Jerusalem, a world of its own that has not yet been portrayed in Israeli cinema, a mix of cultures, genres, classes and archetypes, all quintessentially Israeli.

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