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Up the Wrong Tree
up the wrong tree Final.jpg

Year: 2013


Director & Screenwriter: Gur Bentwich
Producer: David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Executive producer: Michal Graidi, Lee Shira
Cinematographer: Sharone Meir
Editor: Maya Kenig


Sarah Adler
Sasha Agronov
Gur Bentwich
Maya Kenig
Gal Toren


This is the story of Nits, a restless bum and a hopeless cynic as he returns from his journeys with an obsessive intention of bringing back to his arms his ex-girlfriend and their beloved dog.
She, however, throws him down the drain and so he finds himself, contrary to his anti- political and anti-everything attitude, stuck on top of a tree overlooking his beloved's apartment fearlessly leading an environmental battle against real estate sharks.

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