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Year: 2018

Broadcast: HOT


Creator: Shirli Moshaioff
Director:  Shirli Moshaioff, Tomer Shani
Screenwriters: Shirli Moshaioff
Producer: David Mandil, 
supervising producer: Michal Graidi, Shira Lee
Cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich 
Editor: Asaf Korman, Nimrod Goldstein


Yehuda Levi
Alma Dishy
Mika Almog
Neta Riskin


Yehuda levy is the biggest star in Israel.   started as a wonder boy who grow up in front of the camera and turned into the most desired hot actor. Now at the age of 40 he's feeling lonely at the top and feels like Israel is a dead end for him. He decides to do what everyone told him he should do ages ago, to try to make it in Hollywood.
In Hollywood Yehuda will lose the only thing he has, he's celebrity status, without it he discovers life can be impossible. He practically doesn't know how to do anything by himself, including cooking, laundry, standing in lines or going to the bank. He always has an entourage who takes care of everything. for the first time in his life he will be alone. Now he will have to prove he is not just another pretty face with cheesy dreams but the real thing. Will he be able to pay the big price of success or will he get cold feet and run back home?

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