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Year: 2002


Director: Yigal Bursztyn
Screenwriter: Yigal Bursztyn
Producer: David Mandil, Eyal Shiray 
Cinematographer: Asaf Sudri
Editor: Era Lapid 


Assi Dayan
David Danino
Rivka Michaeli
Yair Rubin

Festivals / Awards

Best Film award at the Haifa Film Festival 2002.
The Israeli Festival in New York and Los Angeles, 2003
New Films New Directors Festival, organized by Momma and Lincoln Center New York, 2003


Uriel Morgue and his young girlfriend, Mona, go to Moshav for a weekend with a couple of friends. She is head over heels in love with him and he is upset that she intends to repent. Mona took the "confused teacher" to the Maimonides with her for the weekend and marvels that as early as the 12th century he rejected the idea of the existence of angels with bodies

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